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Central air force museum in Moscow

   The Central Air Force Museum in Monino was created in the Soviet era as the Air Force Exhibition of the USSR Air Force. It was founded at the Air Force Academy named after Yuri Gagarin in November 1958 on the basis of the repair shops of the aviation division, which was disbanded in 1956. Exhibit sites were opened for the general public in 1960, coinciding with the event on February 23 – the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy. At that time, the fund had almost 600 storage units, including 14 aircraft. In the future, the collection was replenished by the transfer of old or outdated aircraft. By 1970, the collection consisted of about 40 aircraft. Part of the WWII-era aircraft found by search engine enthusiasts was evacuated and restored.

   The museum received the status of the museum in January 1971. In the 1990s, expositions were streamlined by placing them in chronological and thematic order. Until 1992, the post of director and deputy was held by retired officers. Subsequently, the General Staff Directive determined that only military personnel could become museum directors.

  The Central Air Force Museum in Monino is the largest aviation museum in Russia, which collects real aircrafts, aircraft engines, and aircraft weapons. The indoor area of the museum is 5,500 square meters, and the open area is 20 hectares.

   The collection of aircraft allows you to follow the development of aviation from the first aircrafts to modern airplanes. Aviation specialists consider the Central Air Force Museum to be the largest aviation museum in the world and its collection of more than 49,760 exhibits is fantastic.

   At the open parking lot, in the halls and hangars, unique exhibits, starting from 1909, you could see aircrafts of the  World War 1, Russian Civil War and Great Patriotic War. There are military planes of the postwar period, samples of modern military and civil aviation equipment developed by  Tupolev, Yakovlev, Sukhoi, Mikoyan, Ilyushin, Antonov, Mil, Kamov and other aircraft aircraft design bureaus. There are samples of experimental, aeronautic, training, sports and unmanned aerial vehicles. Here you can see the first plane in the world, built by Mozhaisky in 1882. He had being  working  for the development  25 years. And also see the exhibits of the inventors of the early twentieth century. For example, the four-engine unique aircraft “Ilya of Murom. It could climb an altitude of 3000 m, while having a speed of 100-115 km / h and a load of 1500-1700 kg.  In the museum you can also learn about t the air rammer  made  by Russian pilot Pavel Nesterov.  Нe  was the first in the history of aviation – to draw a loop in the sky.

   The entire huge collection of the museum of aviation could not be told, you need to see it with your own eyes! Visiting a trip to the aviation museum, you will fully follow the development of the aviation industry, learn about important historical facts.

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