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Tank driving


Shooting an AK-47


Shooting a tank gun

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Tank driving in Russia

Extreme activities

Our tour for you, if you want:

New sensations  
To plunge into the real military world         
To be in the combat crew

Tank tours in Moscow

Program 1

Tank driving T-34 in Moscow

Rescue of Moscow

    You will be transferred to 76 years ago and will be a member of the crew of   T-34-76, marching to Kashira. The column will not follow the abstract terrain, but exactly where, at the end of November 1941, the 2nd Cavalry Corps of Lieutenant-General Belov an inviolable wall stood in the way of the 2nd Panzer Army Colonel-General Guderian and deliver ed destruction, gaining Guards status and forcing to defense order, for which «Quick Heinz» was removed from the command.

  What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer (pick up/drop off service)
  • Interpreter (English)
  • Military uniform of the Red Army of 1941-1942 (or tank overalls)
  • Safety instruction, receipts
  • Acquaintance with the exposition of military equipment from 45 units and workshops
  • Excursion to the territory of the restoration campus
  • Transfer to the field training camp. The camp is located in the forest
  • Ride on tank T-34-76 and military truck DOGZH WC-62 * (or without the DOGZH WC-62, the passage on foot with weapons)
  • Division into conditional crews, briefing, historical part, arrival on the tank, change of crew
  • Acquaintance with the small arms of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht *
  • Shooting (blank ammunition)
  • Training exercise for foot soldiers on the obstacle zone
  • Return to the technical yard (on foot or on DODGE WC-62)
  • Lunch in the military dining room.
  • Presentation of certificates.
  • Duration: the program is counted for 2,5-3 hours. Drive a tank-45 minutes.                                                     

Tank tour price


For a group (no more than 10 PAX) 

225000 rub.


Per person from

22500 rub.


Promotion effective through 31/12/2018*

The price is valid when ordering in a group on a schedule*

Program 2

Tank driving  —  Moscow

BRDM-2, BTR-80, BMP-1, T-62, T-80

 What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer (pick up/drop off service)
  • Interpreter (English)
  • Meeting in the camp, briefing, familiarization with safety techniques
  • Issuance of military uniform clothing
  • Ride on tank — 45 minutes
  • The division into crews, the appointment of commanders
  • Performing tasks on the road
  • An exciting story about the technique in the forest
  • Demonstration of driving qualities of technology
  • Driving off-road (forest and picturesque places)
  • Extreme route with slides, trenches, gullies
  • Historical story about the exposition of weapons, assembly / disassembly of Ak-47 (mock-up, master class) 
  • Duration: the program is counted for 2-2,5 hours. Drive a tank-45 minutes.

 Tank tour price


 BTR-80 (no more than 8 PAX)

95000 rub.


 Per person

12000 rub.


 BMP-1 (no more than 8 PAX)

110000 rub.


  Per person

14000 rub.


   T-62 (no more than 6 PAX)

150000 rub.


   Per person

25000 rub.


   T-80 (no more than 5 PAX)

220000 rub.


   Per person

44000 rub.


Promotion effective through 31/12/2018*

The price is valid when ordering in a group on a schedule*

Additional services

Shooting from weapons (blank) AK-47, RPD, RPK, AK-103, DP, SCS, SVT, PPSh, Mosinka, TT, PM and other
1 pcs
100 RUB
Shooting from tank T-62/with the explosion
1 pcs
10000/ 15000 RUB
Shooting from tank T-80/with the explosion
1 pcs
12000/ 17000 RUB
Shooting from BMP-1/with the explosion
1 pcs
5000/ 9000 RUB
Shooting from tank T-62, BMP-1, PRG-26 with the explosion army car BRDM-2
1 pcs
8000 RUB (+cost shoots)
Shooting from a grenade launcher PRG-26 with the explosion
1 pcs
3000/ 8000 RUB
Pyrotechnic effect along the route
3000 RUB
Military lunch (up to 10 people). Buckwheat with stew meat, pickles, sweets, tea, vodka
up to 10 people
5000 RUB
Professional videographer with photo processing
2 hrs
15000 RUB
Videotape from a quadrocopter/Go-Pro (with the climp)
15000 RUB
1 car
85000 RUB

Program 3

Tank driving  —  Moscow

"Jagdpanther" (replica) 

 What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer (pick up/drop off service)
  • Interpreter (English)
  • Changing in military uniform
  • Safety briefing
  • Sightseeing tour of the military park
  • Ride on tank «Jagdpanther» of 5-6 people — 8 km in rugged country.
  • Duration: the program is counted for 1.5-2 hours.  Drive a tank-30 minutes.

Tank tour price (ride on tank)


  Per person

15000 rub.


  For a group (no more than 5 PAX) 

85000 rub.


Drive a tank yourself

  Per person


Shooting a tank gun


Promotion effective through 31/12/2018*

The price is valid when ordering in a group on a schedule*

Attention. The number of participants is limited. Book your tour in advance!

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Frequently asked Questions

    How to dress?

    Clothes: we recommend comfortable and soft clothes of dark colors, without unnecessary details, which could be caught for something. For our events, especially tourist clothes.

    Shoes: not afraid of dirt, dust and moisture, preferably on a thick flat sole. Do not wear shoes with heels, with a slippery sole, something that you are afraid of spoiling. You certainly can take change shoes.
    Accessories: hats, umbrellas, raincoats, tourist thermos — all this is quite worth taking with you. You can make your stay on the stage more comfortable!​

    Are there any restrictions on participation?

    By age: not less than 5 years. Children under 18 years — only accompanied by parents.

    By weight: not more than 120 kg.

Is it safe?

    Our equipment is completely safe regardless of the chosen route and kind of entertainment. We also recommend that you have insurance in force in the territory of the Russian Federation.

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