Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal by train

   Suzdal – the capital of the Golden Ring, a city of stunning beauty and rare harmony of the most picturesque surrounding views and ancient majestic monasteries, temples, old wooden houses – is a postcard city! You will admire the ensemble of the Suzdal Kremlin – the most ancient landmark of Suzdal, because its construction was started by Vladimir Monomakh back in the 10th century! You will see the oldest Nativity Cathedral, the ancient Bishops’ Chambers, built in the 15th century, the wooden St. Nicholas Church, the Assumption Church of the 17th century and the Nativity of Christ Church, built in the 15th century!
    A unique pearl of Russian architecture, which you will visit – the grandiose columnless Cross Chamber, with an area of ​​330 sq.m.! This is a true architectural wonder, erected at the end of the 18th century, and the main attraction of the Suzdal Kremlin, because the rarest treasures of the surrounding monasteries and churches that you will admire are kept here.
One of the “centers” of imprisonment of the boyars and princesses of aristocratic families, involved in the “affairs of Moscow” in the Middle Ages, is the Suzdal Pokrovsky Convent. Here, at different times, “royal” hostages of political passions or simply eminent but unfortunate women who were boring to noble husbands served their exile. You will admire the magnificent abode from the observation deck.
One of the Suzdal architectural gems and a unique shrine of the city is the Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery, to which we will go. It was founded (just think about it!) In 1350! This is the most spectacular, so to speak, monastery of the city, a real impregnable citadel on the steep picturesque bank of the Kamenka. You will admire the powerful walls and towers of the ancient monastery and enjoy the beauty and holiness of its ancient temples. The belfry of the Spaso-Efimievsky Monastery is a rare type of belfry with galleries, and its bells are famous for their very special, “crimson” ringing. Today you will enjoy the festive overflow of magic bells from Suzdal …

    A real fairy tale in a tree is the Suzdal Museum of Wooden Architecture. Here “the Russian spirit, here it smells of Russia!”, Because this colorful museum is a rare collection of authentic wooden buildings of various purposes – from the huts of the village poor and the choir of wealthy villagers, to the unique windmills. This is a living, warm story in a tree that you can literally touch.

    Vladimir … An amazing city of the center of Russian history, a city of unique monuments. Many sights of Vladimir are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.
We will see the White-stone Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, erected by Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky in 1160, the majestic cathedral was the most important temple of North-Eastern Russia. After the attack of the Mongol-Tatars, the cathedral was badly damaged, but at the beginning of the 15th century, the wall frescoes of the Assumption Cathedral that were damaged by fire were restored by the famous icon painters – Andrei Rublev and Daniil Cherny. The frescoes have survived to this day, and you can admire them!
The openwork Dmitrievsky Cathedral, where we are going, is one of the masterpieces of the white-stone chronicle of the city. Built during the reign of Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest at the beginning of the 12th century, it personified the rise and grandeur of the Vladimir land. Here, under a layer of plaster, the original frescoes with scenes of the Last Judgment were discovered, which can still be seen!
   You will also admire the most famous monument of Vladimir – the Golden Gate, which still amazes with its power, beauty and splendor. We will have the opportunity to visit the Golden Gate and admire the diorama of the military-historical exposition.

 What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer from your hotel to Kursky railway station
  • Train tickets to Vladimir
  • Excursion around Vladimir: white-stone monuments of the 12th century, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List – the Golden Gate, the Dmitrievsky Cathedral, the Assumption Cathedral, in which frescoes of the great Russian artist Andrei Rublev (15th century) have been preserved, a visit to the Military Historical Exposition at the Golden Gate “.
  • Moving to Suzdal
  • Lunch (extra charge)
  • Excursion to Suzdal: sightseeing tour of the city, Kremlin with the Cross Chamber, Spaso-Evfimiev Monastery (bell ringing concert), Pokrovsky Convent (from the observation deck), Museum of Wooden Architecture
  • Return to Vladimir, train tickets to Moscow
  • English-speaking guide

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