Battle on “Termit” mini tanks


Presentation of “Termit” mini tanks

This is not a quest, this is not just tank driving, this is not karting or an ATV, or even an all-terrain vehicle!
This is bigger!!! This is 5 in 1 !!! Drive, dynamics, adrenaline and delight !!!
Riding a mini-tank with independent control and simultaneous firing of real projectile projectiles at rivals !!!

Game scenarios


Tank Biathlon

✔️Individual tests and pair competitions for speed and accuracy.

✔️Passing by the participants on the tank obstacles and hitting targets from a tank gun.

✔️No driving experience or skills required – simple controls!


Tank battle

✔️The battle on 4 tanks – two against two + shooting at tanks from 4 bunkers.

✔️Reds against whites, shooting at each other from tank weapons.

✔️These are not computer games! These are real tank battles!


Tank attack

✔️The battle of 4 tanks against the infantry, seated in the fortress.

✔️Shooting is carried out from grenade launchers, infantry can additionally throw tanks with grenades.

✔️Complete infantry protection. 100%
Unforgettable impressions!

Simultaneous participation of up to 8 people
4 arrows in Termit mini-tanks + 4 arrows in DOT shelters
Different scenarios are possible upon agreement.

What is included in the tour price:

✔️English speaking instructor.

✔️Military uniform

✔️Rent a heated gazebo, 1 hour

✔️Military game

The price of the rent


until 31.05.2021 

Mini-tank rental (shells are bought separately), up to 15 minutes, 1 game

7000 rub.


Rent a bunker with a grenade launcher (shells are bought separately), up to 15 minutes, 1 game

6500 rub.


Shell “chalk cloud” 1 pc. 

500 rub.


Shell “strong sound” 1 pc.

700 rub.


Smoke bomb 1 pc.

900 rub.


Grenade “strong sound” 1 pc.

900 rub.


Grenade “chalk cloud” 1 pc.

900 rub.


Complex 3 games on the tank, 18 shells included

17000 rub.


Attention. The number of participants is limited. Book your tour in advance!

Best Price Guarantee

We value our customers and not prices.

If you find similar services at a lower price, inform us about  the alternative proposal and we will make the best offer.



We are here to help you 7 days a week and respond within 24 hours. Plus, you can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

  Clothes: we recommend comfortable clothes of dark colour.

  Shoes: you are recommended to wear a footgear resistant to dirt, dust and moisture, preferably on a thick flat sole. Do not wear shoes with heels, with a slippery sole, or ones you are afraid of spoiling. You can take a spare pair of shoes.     

   Accessories: hats, umbrellas, raincoats, tourist thermos – all that is quite worth of taking with you for better comfort.​

    By age: children from the age of 10 (accompanied by their parents).

    By weight: passenger’s weight should not exceed 120 kg.

Our equipment is completely safe regardless of the chosen program. We also recommend you to have insurance effective in the Russian Federation.

We are always in touch

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