kubinka tank museum guided tour

Maximum realism

kubinka tank museum guided tour

Shooting an AKM, RPK

kubinka tank museum guided tour

No pain and bruises

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FireTag only in Russia

Do not you know what things to do in Moscow?

Firetag – the first realistic imitation of combat action. It is a new stage in the evolution of military tactical games. This is an ultra realistic battle clash imitation. A team game based on the use of military tactics and strategy. Designed for the special services and the armed forces, today it is available to anyone!

 Differences from conventional laser tag:

★ No children’s toys, only kits based Russian AK-47, RPK. That is a real military weapon, converted to the shooting of blank ammunition. The same size, the same weight, the same accuracy when shooting. And most importantly – the real sound of a shot!

★ Sensors for ammunition throughout the body

★ Complete security

★ The natural trajectory of the laser beam = as close as possible to the combat analogue shooting accuracy!

★ Long distance of defeat, long-term operation of power sources.

★ The best simulator for practicing combat skills

Duration from 3 hours

Minimum number of participants: 6 people (you can join with other travelers on your date)

 What is included in the tour price:

  • AKM
  • Firetag equipment
  • 70 bullets
  • English-speaking instructor

The price of the FireTag

From 30000 rub. per persom


Promotion effective through 01/09/2024*

Additional services

Transfer from your hotel
6 people
6000 RUB
Bullet for AK
1300 RUB
Light-noise grenade
1 pcs
500 RUB
1 pcs
700 RUB
Interpreter ( not English)
5000 rub

Attention. The number of participants is limited. Book your tour in advance!

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Frequently asked Questions

What is the distance of the radiator?

Up to 1000 meters. The effective range is 400-500 meters.

Is it safe?

Like any game. You can always fall and hurt yourself. Firetag is much safer than games that use a missile charge (airsoft, paintball, hardball), but it also has a risk factor. He is the presence of “exhaust” – a product of combustion of powder gases. That is why the rules of the Firetag limit the minimum firing distance to two meters.

Is the beam able to overcome obstacles?

It all depends on the obstacle. The beam cannot overcome dense obstacles. Loose obstacles (grass, bushes), the beam overcomes easily. At the same time, we draw attention to the fact that there is an active factor of the “ricochet” of the beam. Thus, as with the actual deflection of the bullet when interacting with obstacles, you can achieve defeat of the enemy in the shelter.

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