MAKS 2021

International Aviation and Space Salon 2021 (MAKS) in Moscow

   The International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS) is on the top of list of the world’s largest aviation forums. The main goal of MAKS is to demonstrate Russian high technologies and the openness of the Russian domestic market for joint projects with foreign partners.

    MAKS is famous not only for its content, but also for great entertainment. MAKS is an air show that hundreds of thousands of spectators come to see. Russian aerobatic teams (“Russian Knights”, “Swifts”, etc.), as well as foreign ones (“Patrol de France”, “Frecce Tricolori”, “First of August” , etc.) regularly perform at the MAKS.


MAKS is a UNIQUE BUSINESS PLATFORM where top government officials of Russia are available for business communication. MAKS is held with support from the Administration of the President and the Government of the Russian Federation.


MAKS consists of 150 conferences, roundtable discussions, briefings and seminars. It is a UNIQUE PLATFORM FOR SCIENTIFIC EXCHANGE that boosts efficiency of research in many areas.


MAKS is also about the UNIQUE EXHIBITS — the latest innovations, including one-of-a-kind prototypes of weaponry and military equipment that cannot be presented abroad for various reasons. MAKS provides a complete review of Russia’s aviation clusters, as well as the achievements of its aerospace complex with its innovations and new technologies.


MAKS has a UNIQUE AIRSHOW PROGRAMME — sometimes called the most impressive in the world. The technical capabilities of the airfield allow pilots to push the limits of their aircraft, which makes demonstration flights particularly exciting. Such a grand display of aircraft technology is not possible at other airshows.                                                  

You have a unique opportunity to fly in zero gravity on the IL-76 MDK only on 30th August at the MAKS 2019 air show.

How is the Zero Gravity mode reached aboard the IL-76 MDK?

The IL-76 MDK plane ascends to a height of 6000 meters, and then at an angle of 45 degrees with maximum speed rises to 9000 meters. Precisely at this moment aboard the plane the tourists feel a g-force of 2G. When the plane is tracing the parable through its apex for its next descend a Zero Gravity mode is created for about 25 to 30 seconds. Further the plane descends to a height of 6000 meters and maintains that horizontal position for some time. Hereinafter the whole process is repeated — the plane reaches the 9000 meters, the Zero Gravity mode is reached and finally it descends! Tourists who are on board periodically feel a g-force of 2G.

During the flight aboard the IL-76 MDK from 10 to 15 Zero Gravity modes. Also, during all the flight on board a IL-76 MDK there will be a group of specialists and instructors from the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center present that not only control the performance of the event itself, but also provide the tourists’ safety during the Zero-G flight.

The number of participants in one flight should not be more than 14 people! This allows us to make the Zero-G flight not only more comfortable for the tourists, but safe and fun as well!

Price on request.

Price of the MAKS 2021 tour 


One-time visit on one of the days from August 30 to September 01, 2019

1 PAX 

24000 rub. per person



1000 rub. per person


3-4 PAX

10400 rub. per person


5-6 PAX

8800 rub. per person


7-14 PAX

7300 rub. per person


more than 14 PAX

5800 rub. per person


Additional services

Ticket for a specialist (BUSINESS) on any day from August 27 to September 01, 2021

main cost + 6000 rub. per person

Ticket with the possibility of photo, video from the media platform on any day from August 27 to September 01, 2021

main cost + 13000 rub. per person

One-time visit with individual service in the PRIORITY zone on one of the days from August 30 to September 01, 2021.

40000 rub. per person

The price of the tour will be cheaper if you are ready to share your journey with other traveling companions, in this case inform us beforehand.

  What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer  (pick-up/drop off service)
  • Guide (English)
  • Tickets (MAKS)

Duration 6-7 hours.


Promotion effective through 26/08/2019*

Attention. The number of participants is limited. Book your tour in advance!

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Frequently asked Questions

What documents are needed?

A copy of your passport

Opening hours?

 27-29 August from 10:00-18:00 – Business days

30 August – 1 September from 10:00-18:00 – Days of mass visits

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