Patriot Park

Kubinka tank museum and Patriot Park

There is no Disneyland in Russia, but in Kubinka, about 40 kilometers west of Moscow, the Russian Ministry of Defense offers unique entertainment. You could hardly find anything similar  in the world.

Welcome to Kubinka tank museum and Patriot Park!

Patriot Park is located on an area of 50 square kilometers. This unique place known as Russian military Disneyland has collected real examples of space technology, aircrafts  and armored vehicles.  Nowhere in the world one can see all the models of MIG fighters or climb all varieties of Russian tanks. Visitors can take pictures of SOYUZ space station,  with the assistance of trainer one can practice to disassemble real AK-47 machine guns.  The park opened only 4 years ago.  A special 10 km railway was built to deliver heavy military equipment.

Under the roof of the Kubinka tank museum, more than 300 pieces of armored vehicles were collected, 60 of which have no analogues in the world. The museum’s collection covers the centuries-old history of tank building from the time of World War I to the present. No existing museum in the world can boast an equally complete and unique collection of military armored vehicles.

The Kubinka Tank Museum has achieved high results in restoration activities. Some exhibits of the museum, in particular, the German “Tiger”, were completely recreated from spare parts. Only warheads of vehicles are not subject to restoration. So much of the museum’s collection is on track.

Every day, 300-500 people visit Kubinka tank museum and Patriot Park and the number of visitors is growing.


Price of the Patriot Park tour


until 31.12.2020 

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  What is included in the tour price:

  • Transfer  (pick-up/drop off service)
  • Guide (English)
  • Tickets (Kubinka tank museum and Patriot Park)

Duration 6-7 hours.


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